Measure and Reduce your Pest Management Footprint

On your farm: Evaluate your pest management options using science-based tools.

In your program: Track performance of multiple growers in your IPM program.


Pesticides are invaluable tools for food and fiber production. Pesticide use presents risks that must be carefully managed. PRiME-beta is designed to help you evaluate pesticide risks using the best available science in an easy-to-use format. PRiME-beta uses your pesticide application information to help you assess and reduce potential risks to workers, birds, earthworms, small mammals and aquatic environments, helping you make more informed choices on practices and products.


PRiME-beta is a pre-release version, most fully developed for apples, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, strawberries and grapes. Users will find the tool useful for many crops, with more information being added on an ongoing basis. The full version of PRiME will be available in 2011. To learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

BETA version!

Clouds and corn

This is a pre-release version of PRiME. This beta version does not account for site-specific soil characteristics, mitigation features or sensitive sites.