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News: M. Guzy leaves OSU and the helm of


Updated: We have updated pesticides database and other changes. Let us know if any issues. Thank you.


The Oregon State University Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC) premiered ipmPRiME in January of 2014 with improvements over past-PRiME and updated documentation. We are integrating technologies from our other projects into ipmPRiME.

Cumulative Risk Histograms Make Sense

Now in ipmPRiME the lengths of the colored segments are proportional to the amount of risk corresponding to the color. In past-PRiME, the lengths of the colored segments did not signify proportional amount of risk for that color.

Social Network Login

Now you can login and establish ipmPRiME accounts using your Microsoft, Google, Twitter, or Facebook logins. IpmPRiME will never use or persist more than your user name and/or your email from these providers. You can associate your existing PRiME account with one or more of your social network logins for better password management.

Memory of where you left off

Now ipmPRiME remembers what you were working on and restores your session when you login again after being away.

Mission, Terms of Use, Privacy

These documents have changed and better reflect the mission of our university, "emphasizing economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world,[...] and maintaining strong collaborations with industry and state and federal agencies".



Added online learning tool/community benchmark A new tool available to authorized users provides feedback about where the risk in your data aligns with the risk your peer-group. This tool includes Pollinator risks. Contact us about this if you are interested or have a need for it.

2015-07-22 through 2015-07-25

Pollinator scores on risk chart glitch Pollinator risk, expressed as a Hazard Quotient, briefly appeared on the main risk chart. This model is not measured on the 0 to 1 risk scale, and was removed. Watch for the Pollinator risk scores to be available from the user interface soon.


Updated FISH CHRONIC Toxicity Endpoints. The provider, PDC, reported correcting their long-standing error upon examining their "spreadsheet". These updated aquatic concentration endpoints are approximately an order of magnitude lower than before. The consequence will be, in general, higher risk scores.

2014-02-20 to 2014-02-26

Removed cryptic CAUGHT: message on expiration of authentication cookie, and instead, redirect to login page. Improved handling of multiple browsers open on different scenarios; currently this use case may not behave nicely all the time.


The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B published the OSU IPPC article featuring ipmPRiME: Measuring pesticide ecological and health risks in West African agriculture to establish an enabling environment for sustainable intensification

UN FAO news release about new tools (ipmPRiME) and farmer training that could revolutionize pesticide management in West Africa


New: Load Samples into Workspace Simply click the [Load Samples] button on the Sites list header. Please contact us for issues.

2014-02-07 is going to Southwest Ag Summit, Feb. 26-27, Yuma.
Help. Two new and short (3,4 minute) youtube quick start videos are available. Recent fixes and features include: the Facebook and Live login, change Settings, xlsx uploader, FireFox product entry, and unnamed map tool parcel glitches. Corrected google search results returning old url, New user username can be same as email. Please contact us for other issues.